Healthy Meal Planning Bundle 2019

The Ultimate Clean Eating Meal Plan Solution

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How is your clean eating meal planning working out for you lately? For me, it goes something like that:

So, what’s for dinner tonight?

I don’t know about you, but this is one of my daily nemesis. Because I know my husband (or my girls, they do chime in like that) will, at some point in the evening, come and ask me *just* this:

So, what’s for dinner tonight?

At this point, I’ll have to start sifting through the fridge, the fresh produce basket, and the pantry frantically for a few minutes. Then I’ll have to come up with something that is:

  • Clean eating, because we have to in our family, takeaways aren’t an option around here
  • To everybody’s taste (now that’s an interesting concept!)
  • Not too similar to something I’ve done, say, in the last couple of weeks
  • Using ingredients I do have at hand (because, by now, the shops are closed anyway)

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”. Alan Lakein

Healthy meals don’t just happen. We have to make them happen.

Eating clean, healthy meals means avoiding processed food, using fresh ingredients and cooking from scratch. So takeaways and convenience food are pretty much out of the window.

We have to plan our meals in advance, draw a shopping list, shop for the best ingredients, and finally prepare them. Seems like a lot of hard work when I put it like that, doesn’t it?

Notice how it all starts with Meal Planning though?

For me, I will admit, this is my downfall. I mean, I can find a lot of lovely recipes out there (thank-you Pinterest!), but finding the one I have all the ingredients for, the time to prepare and that will tick everybody’s taste buds? In a few minutes? Every night? Really?

And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person out there facing this on a regular basis, am I right?

Luckily for us all, I have stumbled upon another great bundle from Ultimate Bundles (of the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle fame).

The Healthy Meal Planning Bundle 2019

This bundle is an absolute goldmine for busy people like me trying to eat as clean as possible. Not only does it offer loads and loads of healthy recipes (over 1000!) and meal plans (all 30 of them), it now also comes with a very handy index.

Which means that you and I can easily come back to those new favorite recipes instead of trawling Pinterest, desperately trying to remember which one we used last.

The clickable index allows me to weed out the recipes that are not to my liking or dietary preferences, so I can truly create my very own recipe book in a flash.

So basically, the Healthy Meal Planning Bundle 2019, it’s:
  • A carefully curated library of nutritious, simple, whole food recipes, all 1072 of them beautifully formatted in 12 digital cookbooks
  • An easy-to-use index for every single recipe, to help you sort by
    eating style, food allergy, quick meals, cooking method, etc.
  • 38 unique made-for-you meals plans, complete with shopping lists and prep reminders (4-week dinner plans, school & work lunch plans, breakfast rotations, party plans, and much more!)
  • Plus healthy eating resources on clean eating, a flavor crash course (so your food tastes simply a-ma-zing!), strategies for picky kids, allergies or oral Sensory Processing Disorder, and more!

All this, for only $49.97! I do like a good bargain like this, especially when it comes to my rescue every. single. night.

No more deep diving…

Clean Eating Meal Planning every night
A mom’s dream…

I will admit, I do like diving in Pinterest to find a new recipe… but time is against me! When I have only a few minutes to find *the* quick, easy, healthy and tasty recipe that I will put on the table tonight, going through pins and pins, looking up the posts and the comments is a luxury I don’t really have…

And I have already mentioned the next dreaded question:
Can you please do that yummy recipe you did (last week/month/year)?

The truth is, it is tricky for me to find easy and quick recipes without gluten or dairy, without all of them tasting a bit samey. So when I do find one that works, that is easy to make, tasty, and that everybody at the table can digest properly, I should save it, right?

Only, usually I’m pushed for time on the spot, and I need to wait until a bit later to check whether everybody’s tummy is OK with it… and so I forget… And the new-and-wonderful recipe gets lost in Pinterest oblivion…

With the Healthy Meal Planning Bundle, I have hundreds of recipes available in one place, so I can find the one I need quickly, without further distraction.

Oh, and more importantly, I can find it again super easily the next time I need it!

RealPlans = Real Deals?

This new edition of the Healthy Meal Planning Bundle can be integrated into RealPlans, a meal planning app that allows me to create weekly meal plans based on our family size, eating schedule and (this is the part I’m excited about) dietary requirements!

I’ve never used a meal planner before for just that reason: it was too much hard work having to go through every recipe and sift out all the ones containing gluten, dairy, pork, soy and what not.

Clean Eating Meal Plan like a boss

But, when I bought the Healthy Meal Planning Bundle, I got 1 month free subscription to RealPlans, with all the recipes automatically loaded.

So, on paper, this promises to be a very useful tool for us. I am definitely giving it a try, so stay tuned, I’ll give you some feedback on it shortly.

The 38 meal plans are also complete with grocery lists and prep plans. Combined with RealPlans ability to streamline my online shopping with Instacart, methinks my life may just have become a lot easier!

So where’s the catch?

Well, that’s the beauty of the Ultimate Bundles deals… There isn’t one!

For just $49.97, we get 1072 recipes, 38 meal plans, meal planners and printables, plus eBooks and eCourses on topics like clean eating, cooking on a budget, learning how to cook, or even teaching kids how to help in the kitchen. It’s really a no-brainer of a deal.

30 Day Guarantee
Happiness Guarantee

Now, what happens if you buy the Healthy Meal Planning Bundle, but it just doesn’t work for you?

No problem. Ultimate Bundles offers a 100% happiness guarantee refund policy as standard. If you don’t love it, just email and ask for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

If you’re ready to stick to your clean eating resolutions, whip up healthy meals every day, and quit wasting food and time, I recommend you check out the Healthy Meal Planning Bundle.

Make your Clean Eating Meal Planning a doddle…

With the Healthy Meal Planning Bundle, for only $49.97, we get:

  • Over 1000 healthy recipes grouped in 12 recipe books, such as Breakfast, Dinners, Salad and side, Snacks…
  • A clickable index of all the recipes, allowing us to curate the list and design our very own recipe book
  • 38 designed-for-you meal plans, including Gluten-free, Budget, Kid-friendly, Lunchbox, Vegetarian, Paleo, Whole30, Short on time and many, many more
  • Over 12 ebooks and printables on Clean Eating, Meal planning, Picky eaters or Freezer meals
  • 1 month free subscription to the RealPlans app, with all recipes and meal plans, preloaded
  • A 30-day full refund happiness guarantee

This bundle is truly a great resource and I am so pleased with it so far! I hope you will be too.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links. This means that, if you purchase this product using one of those links, I will receive a small commission, at no cost to you.

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