Clean Eating 101

Clean eating, put simply, is eating food in its most natural form, and eliminating food that has been tampered with.

  • Are you new to the concept?
  • Would you like to reduce the number of additives and chemicals in your plate?
  • Do you feel like your body needs a detox?
  • Do you want to understand exactly what you are putting on your plate?
  • Do you want to teach your children to eat a healthier diet for life?
  • Are you unsure of who the Good Guys and Bad Guys are?
  • Do you want to eat a cleaner diet but the changes seem too big?

If this is you, you’ve come to the right place. This is a learning place.
Here we learn to love our bodies and feed them the right stuff.
We learn about the impact that every step of the food chain has on the food itself and the environment.
We learn how to select the best natural food, how to store it, and how to cook it.
We learn that we can achieve anything in baby steps.
We learn how to share all this information so everybody can benefit.

If you have checked my About page, you’ll know that, as a family, we have to eat clean all the time for health reasons. But it wasn’t always like this and we had to learn a lot along the way, eliminating a lot of processed stuff and adding a whole lot more goodness in the process. We are a normal, busy family and if we’ve managed to get this far, you can do it too, step by step.

My aim is simply to educate people around us on the benefits of clean eating and share the tips I have learned over the years. In its original meaning, clean eating is not a weight-loss or a vegetarian diet. It’s simply a way of consuming food that limits the amount of processing between the moment a food product is grown or raised, and the moment it reaches your plate.

What will you find here?

Some essential pointers to get you started:
Tips on how to make the transition:
Some tips on stocking up on clean food:
Some clean recipes and ideas for the whole day:
Some tips on how to add more fruits and vegetables to your menu:
How to detox

Because we don’t always eat “clean”, breathe pure, fresh air and deal effectively with everyday stresses… And our bodies then need a little help getting rid of all those toxins!

And more…

Watch this page and keep visiting for more information and tips on eating clean. And please add a comment below if you want to talk about your own experience with clean eating, share some tips or ask for information. I am listening. 🙂

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